Home  of  the  Blue  Flash

You can tell that our sealer is unique when you see the blue flash just before it turns black.  That’s when you know you have the Top Seal.


We want you to know that you have another option available. Top Seal will give you a better solution for your asphalt pavement needs by offering specialized parking lot coatings - not just any asphalt sealer. We give you a true barrier coating between your asphalt surface and the destructive elements.

We know that sealcoating for asphalt pavement surfaces is a maintenance issue designed to save money and to beautify and prolong the life of asphalt pavement and parking lots. Top Seal will save you money over the life-time of your pavement.

We have the technology and equipment that allows us to custom blend a coating that will offer you the blackest, toughest and most durable surface for your pavement needs.

Top Seal coating, with proper application by certified applicators, will extend the life of your pavement surfaces with many more months of protection, allowing you to spread out the period between sealcoats, saving money and adding to your bottom line.

Your investment in asphalt parking lots do not have to be scarred for life by the tire tracking, peeling, power steering marks, etc., that seem to be left behind with other sealers.

On your next sealcoating project, let us send you a free sample of our custom blended asphalt sealer. Then, ask the other asphalt sealer suppliers for a sample of their sealer. Apply the sealers side by side, let them dry, and then give it a good Texas scuff test. You’ll see why we are called Top Seal.